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Sign of the White Foal by Chris Thorndycroft

Publication Date: July 1, 2019

eBook & Paperback; 327 Pages

Series: Arthur of the Cymry Trilogy (Book 1)

Genre: Historical Fiction

A generation after Hengest and Horsa carved out a kingdom in the east, a hero of the Britons rises in the west…

480 A.D. The sons of Cunedag have ruled Venedotia for fifty years but the chief of them – the Pendraig – is now dying. His sons Cadwallon and Owain must fight to retain their birthright from their envious cousins. As civil war consumes Venedotia, Arthur – a young warrior and bastard son of the Pendraig – is sent on a perilous quest that will determine the fate of the kingdom.

The Morgens; nine priestesses of the Mother Goddess have found the cauldron of rebirth – a symbol of otherworldly power – and have allied themselves with the enemy. Arthur and six companions are dispatched to the mysterious island of Ynys Mon to steal the cauldron and break the power of the Morgens. Along the way they run into the formidable Guenhuifar whose family have been stewards of Ynys Mon for generations. They need her help. The trouble is, Guenhuifar despises Arthur’s family and all they stand for…

Based on the earliest Arthurian legends, Sign of the White Foal is a rip-roaring adventure of Celtic myth and real history set in the ruins of post-Roman Britain.

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Thorndycroft gives life to Arthurian legend, in this retelling the characters are more relatable to that time period. His placement of the Arthur into a historical family as a bastard son of Cunedag’s heir, is believable.Cunedag and his sons have removed the Irish out of North Wales and set up a bunch of numerous kingdoms throughout the area.

The book progression was spot on, and characters come to life under the authors skillful narration, also the supporting characters are definitely worth noting and interesting. This was a well paced with an adventurous quest, that combines Celtic myth with some well researched history.

What really stood out for me was the authors exploration of some the earliest Welsh mythology of cauldrons and his ability the put a creative twist on the priestess of the Ynys Afallach, {Avalon}

The book delivers a distinctive cast of character, keeping with traditional poem the Preideu Annwfn, an early medieval poem found in the The Book of Taliesin, describes a voyage of Seven led by King Arthur.

Arthur and war-band of six companions including Menw, The Kings Bard, are sent away from an impending battle with the Gaels to the mysterious island of Ynys Mon to steal A mythical cauldron of rebirth, and break the power of the Morgens. Thorndycroft, has intriguing recreated the Maidens of Annwfn, The Morgens; nine priestesses of the Mother Goddess.

The Author gives insight to what the actual Lady Guenhuifa {Guinevere} might have been like. A strong Courageous woman who is portrayed as a fiercely independent huntress turned fighter.. Guenhuifar’s family are stewards of the mysterious Ynys Mon for generation. Conflict arises when Guenhuifar finds out who bloodline Arthur comes from

With an absorbing storyline and resonant descriptive heated battle scenes. This novel was a satisfying read for me and one that was not predictable. I was completely vested in the trials and struggles of the characters, all the way through to the end

I immensely enjoyed reading this new angel on a fabled but realistically historical figure, and atmospheric Wales., Venedotia And it’s surrounding territories. This was definitely a great book for me and one I immensely enjoyed reading and I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book in this Arthurian Trilogy.

Chris Thorndycroft is the author of the Hengest and Horsa trilogy. His follow-up, Sign of the White Foal, is the first part in a trilogy that re-tells the legend of King Arthur in an historical setting. Set in 5th century North Wales, it combines Celtic myth with real history and is based on the earliest elements of the Arthurian legend

About the Author

Chris Thorndycroft is a British writer of historical fiction, horror and fantasy. His early short stories appeared in magazines and anthologies such as Dark Moon Digest and American Nightmare. His first novel under his own name was A Brother’s Oath; the first book in the Hengest and Horsa Trilogy. He also writes under the pseudonym P. J. Thorndyke.

For more information, please visit Chris Thorndycroft’s website. You can also find him on Twitter and Goodreads.

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Sign of the White Foal


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