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Title of Book- Spellbound

Author- Julia Goldhirsh

Publication Date: August 8, 2019

Synopsis- An enchanted Rose spellbound to a greenhouse prison.

Sixteen-year old Rose has been cursed to live within the glass walls of a greenhouse for her entire life, and has finally reached her breaking point. She had to escape before she lost her mind. But life outside the protective glass was filled with perils of its own. When she met Gabriel, she thought she’d finally found a savior. But neither was aware of what lurked inside him. A devious nymph is pulling his strings from the shadows. With darkness on the horizon and danger lurking around every corner, Rose must escape the greenhouse, but at what cost?How hard could it be to break out of a glass cage?

Genre- YA Fantasy

Editorial Reviews


“Author Julia Goldhirsh makes a bold debut with this enrapturing modern-day fairy tale. Spellbound will quickly strike a chord with YA lovers, as it ticks plenty of boxes for the genre: unexpected love, emotional turmoil, and a protagonist/damsel in distress at the heart of the tale. The novel is a unique take on an old story, but written with a mature hand that understands the flexibility and beauty of language, which will appeal to readers of any age.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

“Spellbound is a fun fairy tale. There are well thought out nemeses and an intriguing plot that catches your attention right from the first page…Julia Goldhirsh demonstrates real potential as an emerging author of modern young adult fiction. Spellbound will enchant readers looking for a magical short story with a welcomed twist.” – Indies Today★★★★

“I really liked the main character…She is a bit of an introvert, she’s rude (but as a joke) and also nice and easy to get along with and that is probably why there is some romance cooking up between her and Gabriel that just thickens the plot a little. This book was really easy to read as it takes a hold of your interest in the first few pages…I recommend this book to any fantasy readers. You will not be disappointed as it’s a good read. I rate Spellbound by Julia Goldhirsh 4.5 out of 5 stars.”- Nadine Forsberg (Reviewer on Onlinebookclub).

“Whether or not you are a fan of ‘YA’ fiction, I recommend this book. It is more than just a ‘promising debut from a new author,’ it is genuinely a good and fun story. I am looking forward to the next volume to find out what happens to Gabriel and Rose, and more about the fascinating curses that follow them.”-  Carey L, Author of Aeon of Wonder

This book was received as an ARC from the Author, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own

Julia Goldhirsh, Spellbound is an enchanting story of Rose, a young girl who wants to explore the world outside of the greenhouse where she is forced she lives in. Rose swas born with a curse that would kill her if she isn’t near the roses that are keeping her alive. Longing this explore,Rose decides to run away from home but the curse prevents her from getting too far. Rescued by a young man named Gabriel, saves her for death. He returns with her to her home within the greenhouse.

Once there they they form a bond and Gabriel sets about finding a cure for Rose.

This is sweet and charming book, one I enjoyed immensely.

Captivating storyline and engaging characters


Julia Goldhirsh was born and raised in Coconut Creek, Florida. She spent one year working in Japan as an ESL teacher and loves traveling and teaching. She has been writing ever since she was in elementary school, and her favorite stories to read and write were always fantasy and mythology books.

She started out writing on writers cafe and all poetry. RPG writing became her favorite past time in high school. She has won a short fiction award in high school from the Broward County Lit fair for her short story “Night Sprite.”

She loves to talk about lesser known mythological creatures. Her most recent obsession is with Nymphs, Enchantresses, and the Encantado. Known as wanderingteacher on her travel blog and adventuringwriter on her author blog, she also writes about traveling, adjusting to different cultures, and the process of self-publishing.

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  1. Nice review! When I first looked at your post, I thought the author’s last name was Goldfish! LOL! Happy reading!


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