Not Like Everyone Else Synopsis:

Ryan can’t seem to get her memories in order. When she breaks it off with her long-term boyfriend, Corey, she can’t help but feel free. But mysterious events keep Ryan asking “just what happened?” After her family moved to Ryton, after Carter goes missing, after Jacob is in the hospital. All of these afters, but Ryan can’t remember the befores. With Harper and Elliot by her side, Ryan can only hope that she does not forget… again. Will Ryan be able to recover her memory to figure out what happened when it all went dark?

Facts About Not Like Everyone Else:

-Genre: YA Mystery

-Topics: Friendships, Relationships, Amnesia, Camping

-Triggers: Partner Abuse

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About Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer Leigh is a self-published young adult author and blogger. Since a young age, stories called to her until she set pen to paper. Her blog, Bound to Writing, focuses on young adult books and writing. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and her loving animals.

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Praise for Not Like Everyone Else

“An addictive mystery that will keep you hooked and wildly guessing all the way to the very end!” – Annie Woods

“It kept me at the edge of my seat wondering what’s going to happen next.” – Faith at Sucker for Coffee

“It’s a great book that I will definitely recommend to my YA fans out there!” – Ashley at Adventures for Lit

“Kudos to the author for keeping me entertained last night and possibly even awake in the middle of the night when my door creaked open for no reason!” – James Cudney 

My Bookish Thoughts ⁣

This is a stunning psychological thriller. With amazing unpredictable twists that keeps you guessing. A darkish fiction that kept me engaged from start to finish. ⁣

A brisk faced paced book that is a roller coaster ride. Well developed characters and a compelling storyline.⁣

This is one book you need to pick up and read ⁣

From Chapter 2 of Not Like Everyone Else

The rush starts to die down, and I finally think that I’m in the clear. I haven’t seen the familiar face in at least two minutes. But with one final look up before going back to my book, I realize that’s not the case. 

I look up to see Harper waving to me from the ordering counter of the café. 

A sinking feeling enters my stomach. This is the last person I ever wanted to see again. And yet 

here she is only a few feet away and waving in my direction. Well, this sucks. 

Harper makes her way with a coffee in hand toward my table. “Hey, Ryan how have you been? It’s been years since I last saw you!” She sets the coffee down and sits her tan ass right in the chair across from mine. Completely uninvited.

“Oh, you know I’ve been good. What have you been up to?” I try to make enough small talk to not be completely rude. And hopefully get her to leave me alone.

“Nothing really. I’m still at the community college and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and all. But what about you? How are you and Corey? You guys have always been the cutest couple!” Harper is all smiles as she talks. 

I slowly shrink down to nothing. Of course, she wants to know about Corey. Everyone in our high school knew about us but since high school, not a single person stayed in touch. All those friendships real or fake just disappeared into thin air as if they never truly existed. I knew it would happen like that once everyone left on their big college journey and only visiting on holidays. And honestly, I was much happier this way. Except, before I had Corey, now I’m alone.

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