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This Son of York by Anne Easter Smith

Publication Date: November 10, 2019
Bellastoria Press
eBook & Paperback; 504 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction

“Now is the winter of our discontent, Made glorious summer by This Son of York…” -William Shakespeare, Richard III-

Richard III was Anne’s muse for her first five books, but, finally, in This Son of York he becomes her protagonist. The story of this English king is one of history’s most compelling, made even more fascinating through the discovery in 2012 of his bones buried under a car park in Leicester.

This new portrait of England’s most controversial king is meticulously researched and brings to vivid life the troubled, complex Richard of Gloucester, who ruled for two years over an England tired of war and civil strife. The loyal and dutiful youngest son of York, Richard lived most of his short life in the shadow of his brother, Edward IV, loyally supporting his sibling until the mantle of power was thrust unexpectedly on him.

Some of his actions and motives were misunderstood by his enemies to have been a deliberate usurpation of the throne, but throughout his life, Richard never demonstrated any loftier ambitions than to honorably discharge his duty to his family and his country.

In a gentler vein, despite the cruel onset of severe scoliosis in his teens, Richard did find love, first with a lover and then in his marriage to Anne Neville. Between these two devoted women in his life, he sired three and perhaps four children.

Bringing the Plantagenet dynasty to a violent end, Richard was the last king of England to die in battle. This Son of York is a faithful chronicle of this much maligned man.

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This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own

Son of York is the 6th book of Anne Easter Smith’s Wars of the Roses. I have read and loved them all, they are set during the Wars of the Roses. The period during which the Yorkist and Lancastrian houses were in contention for the throne of England.

Anne Easter Smith, latest masterpiece of historical fiction, This Son Of York, is a beautiful written book of the last English King to die in battle, thereby bringing to an end both the Plantagenet dynasty and the Wars of the Roses. This intimate look into one of the most controversial kings.

This was a magnificent book, a rich and vibrant historical fiction of a man known to us through history and legend. One who invokes such powerful emotional response from readers and historians alike.

An intriguing tale of Dickon, from his early childhood, to the man who faced his end on the dark epic battlefield of Bosworth. The battle that ultimately changed everything, and led the Henry Vlll to the throne. A superb intense look of the man, Richard lll, the fourth son of The Duke of York. Smith’s phenomenal book, I felt fully connected with the characters as I followed along the author stellar narrative voice. Richard lll, life unfolds from within these pages of meticulous researched historical facts, and the author’s own fictional twist, to keep the the reader completely captivated until the end.

Richard, also named Richard Plantagenet “Dickon” to avoid confusion with his father. Was the great-grandson of King Edward III through his father, and a great-great-great-grandson of the same king through his mother.

Young Dickon, is described as short, skeletal in nature, a sickly child born the 12 out of 13 children of Cecily Neville, Dugcchess of York. Which caused him to develop the unsavory nickname, “Runt.” What Richard lacked for in stature, his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, made him stand out from all his York Siblings. This precocious child, would see the mounting conflict between King Henry Vll hoVuse of Lancaster and the house of York as to which one had a better claim to the Plantagenet Crown.Dickon, was a child when his family, the House of York, engaged in battle against the Lancastrians for control of the country. This book traces Dickon’s life as a youngster, growing up with his family, including that under the shadow of his older brothers, and cousins. In this deeply thoughtful, moving novel, the details of Dickon.’s remarkable life, along with the personal trials of love and loss are realistically presented.

The author breathes life into some weighty complex issues surrounding events of this controversial historical figure. A refreshing and passionate introspective look at the struggles of the man, shouldering under the weight of pressures, to do what he thinks is right and what has been expected of his noble birth and title.

Smith’s captivating prose flows effortless, creating a wonderful novel that is both treasurable as it is knowledgeable. Once again the author delivers a compelling, intriguing, and well-written read here. I enjoyed well developed characters who were fascinating. The strength of this novel, hands downs is the author’s fabulous rich characterizations.

Vividly descriptive, placing me easily into the heart of this novel. I absolutely loved the books structure, and the wonderful fictional twist the author added to make it her story. A superb narrative look into the life of a man, that has been the center of many historical heated debates.

The authors portrait of Richard Ill, was he was a loyal brother and loving of husbands, under some of the most turbulent times. Having to make grave choices that have ultimately caused historians to cast a somewhat altered view of him.

One might say that under different circumstances he might have been a great king to England. Like so many things that go under looked today, the proof of it are in the laws he passed on in Parliament, which not only are still used today in England but all over the civilised world. That being said, Richard was only about 2 years on the throne, think of what he might have accomplished had he been given more time.

The Author has once again created an intriguing multi-layered and fascinating portrait of a fascinating man. This exceptional intricately plotted, medieval novel might be Anne Easter Smith, best work as to date. A stirring thought provoking book written with precision and depth.

A long bloody conflict, The Wars of Roses “The Cousins War” which some call it, was a destructive long and bloody civil war between 1455-1487. I have always had a passion for the time era, so this was a fast paced read for me. One I devoured in a day and half.

The battlefield of Bosworth, was the last decisive battle of the Wars Of Roses.This battle marked the end of the middle ages in England. Richard the lll, was the last king of the House of York and the last of the Plantagenet dynasty. He was also the last English king to ever fight in battle.

About the Author

Anne is the award-winning author of The King’s Grace and the best-selling A Rose for the Crown, Daughter of York, Queen By Right, and Royal Mistress. She is an expert on Richard III, having studied the king and his times for decades. Her sixth book, This Son of York, will be published soon. She grew up in England, Germany and Egypt, and has been a resident/citizen of the US since 1968. Anne was the Features Editor at a daily newspaper in northern New York State for ten years, and her writing has been published in several national magazines.

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This Son of York

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