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𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕃𝕖𝕥 𝕄𝕖 𝕀𝕟, 𝔹𝕪 𝕒𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕒 𝔹𝕣𝕦𝕔𝕖

You Let Me In delivers a stunning tale from debut author Camilla Bruce, combining the sinister domestic atmosphere of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects with the otherwordly thrills of Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

Cassandra Tipp is dead…or is she?

After all, the notorious recluse and eccentric bestselling novelist has always been prone to flights of fancy–everyone in town remembers the shocking events leading up to Cassie’s infamous trial (she may have been acquitted, but the insanity defense only stretches so far).

Cassandra Tipp has left behind no body–just her massive fortune, and one final manuscript.

Then again, there are enough bodies in her past–her husband Tommy Tipp, whose mysterious disembowelment has never been solved, and a few years later, the shocking murder-suicide of her father and brother.

Cassandra Tipp will tell you a story–but it will come with a terrible price. What really happened, out there in the woods–and who has Cassie been protecting all along? Read on, if you dare…



But which story is true?

You Let Me In offers an uncomfortable and compelling glimpse into the stories we all tell ourselves to survive, daring to cross the boundary between reality and somewhere else entirely . . . 

You Let Me In by @camillabruce_writing is my weekend reading! A huge thank you to @torbooks for the advanced reading copy. #youletmein

This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

Lock the doors and check them twice with this one.. Readers !

There is a slow burning creepy story line that builds with intensity as the story goes on. Once in awhile In my inhalation of books, I come across a superb execution of a storyline, with meticulously pacing. Immersive wicked world building, that will have you completely taken in.

You Let Me In, By Camilla Bruce, is compelling addictive book, that is a deeply unsettling tale of faeries meant to horrify you..

is one exceptionally written book, that takes you deep into the darkness.

An extremely terrifying, gothic style story, that will drag you out of your comfort zone, into its dark, ominous emotional depths.

An absolutely gripping and clever storyline that grabs your attention almost immediately and doesn’t let go until the very last sentence. Camilla Bruce delivers both provocative and chilling masterpiece of writing.

The author presents metafictional framing device..a story within a story, the reader is to posed a question. Did Cassandra Tipp actually have real life experiences with fairies, or was there actual abuse, or maybe it’s both. What really happened? It’s up to you to find out

A stunning riveting chronological of childhood trauma, or something else entirely. This enthralling novel will stay with you long after you’ve put the book down.

I am just hoping that there is another book on the way from this immensely talented author.

Writing/Prose: Well-written, engaging, captivating, descriptive, astute, and fluid. I have this connection with her writing style that I find totally relatable and irresistible. 

Plot: Suspenseful, vivid, riveting, fast-paced, sinister, secretive, twisty, held my attention fully and extremely entertaining.

You Let Me In, is a suspenseful, raw, absorbing, and a highly compulsive read here that was quite the emotional an intense psychological, magical realism of a thriller.

“Good girls smell like burnt tangerines for those with bad intentions– fragrant but bitter, it is a repellant. Bad girls like me smell like ripe apples, ready for picking, juicy and tart.

No one will miss them at all.”

“Faeries are no fit company for the living; touching them taints you like a disease.

But what is she, then?

What are the fairies?

His eyes were wide open pleading with me.

“They are nothing,” I told him. Nothing we can define.

They live in the cracks in the narrow spaces, in between day and night.

They are twilight people. Not quite dead, not quite alive.

― Camilla Bruce, You Let Me In

The Inspiration Behind You Let Me In from Camilla Bruce

You Let Me In by Camilla Bruce is a chilling modern fairy tale about fairies, magic, and murder…so how could it have been inspired by real life? Read on to get a look inside the inspiration for this stunning debut from the author herself!

By Camilla Bruce

My debut novel, You Let Me In, opens with a mystery. Reclusive author Cassandra Tipp has vanished from the face of the earth. Left behind in her mansion is one final manuscript that holds the key to her fortune. Her heirs, a niece and a nephew, must read it in order to get their prize. What they are hoping to find on the pages is a confession; Cassandra has stood trial for the murder of her husband, and have also been suspected in another crime. What they find instead is two stories, intertwined but very different. Both of them looks back at Cassandra’s life – and both of them end in violence – but only one of them tells the truth. Much like the heirs, the reader must decide what to believe: wasCassandra an unhinged murderer, or a victim of otherworldly seduction?

I have always loved novels that are, in themselves, puzzles or mysteries; the kind that does not provide any easy answers, but makes you ponder long after the last page has been read. When I started typing You Let Me In, I quickly realised that this was my chance to write a story like that: a riddle where the answer changed depending on the reader’s angle.

When asked where I got the first idea for the novel, I usually blame my cats. I had two of them at the time: big, fluffy brothers who kept bringing greenery into the house. Every day I picked up twigs and leaves, until one day, an eerie thought struck me; what if I did not have cats? What other possible reason could there be for those bits and pieces littering my floors? The answer I came up with was faeries (which I suppose says a lot about me).

I have always been interested in folklore, and fascinated by previous generations’ vague distinction between the faeries and the dead. I grew up in central Norway, in an old forest studded with Iron Age burial mounds, and spent a lot of time pondering what – or who– they might contain. One of my favourite things about faeries is their elusiveness; it is hard to get a firm grip on just what – or where– they are. They are and are not at the same time, which served the purpose of this novel perfectly. Another elusive thing that inspired me was the concept of truth itself, which can be a little like the faeries, too, shifting and unreliable.

I am also intrigued by the brain’s ability to protect a person from discomfort and trauma. Whenever I was under duress as a child, my brain would open an ‘escape hatch’ of sorts, and flood my mind with intense daydreams that made everything feel a little better. I have sometimes wondered what would have happened if those daydreams became vivid enough that I started having problems distinguishing them from reality, which is one of the possibilities I explore in the novel.

You Let Me In is not your typical crime book. It does have murder, and even a trial, but it does not fit any one genre: it flits between thriller, horror and fantasy without ever settling down. It is my hope that it provides a different reader experience – something a little unusual – that lingers in the mind for a while.

Find Camilla: Author Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads |

CAMILLA BRUCE is a Norwegian writer of dark speculative and historical fiction.

Her debut novel, You Let Me In, published by Tor (US) and Bantam Press (UK) in Spring 2020.

Her dark historical, In the Garden of Spite, will be published by Berkley (US) and Michael Joseph (UK) in 2021.

Author: Camilla Bruce was born in central Norway and grew up in an old forest, next to an Iron Age burial mound. She has a master’s degree in comparative literature, and have co-run a small press that published dark fairy tales. Camilla currently lives in Trondheim with her son and cat

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