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By Paul Walker, Hosted By The Coffee Pot Book Club

(William Constable Spy Thriller, Book #3)

September 7th – September 18th 2020


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The Queen’s Devil

(William Constable Spy Thriller, Book #3)

By Paul Walker

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William Constable, recently married astrologer and mathematician, has settled into routine work as a physician when he is requested to attend two prisoners in the Tower of London. Both are accused of separate acts treason, but their backgrounds suggest there may be a connection.


Sir Francis Walsingham and Lord Burghley urge William to discover further intelligence from the prisoners while tending their injuries from torture.

The agent’s investigations lead him to the French Embassy, which lies at the heart of a conspiracy which threatens the nation.

Through his enquiries, an unsuspecting William becomes entangled in a perilous web of politicking and religious fervour.

The threat comes from one the most powerful men in the English court – one referred to as the Queen’s Devil.

William faces a race against time to unpick these ties, climaxing in a daring raid on the Embassy.

Praise for Paul Walker:

“Walker skilfully creates a treacherous world of half-truths, plots and duplicity… simmering with impending danger.” Michael Ward, author of Rags of Time.

“A gripping and evocative page-turner that vibrantly brings Elizabeth’s London to life.” Steven Veerapen, author of A Dangerous Trade.

“Full of convincing characters both historical and imagined.” Peter Tonkin


This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

The Queen’s Devil is compelling third installment in the William Constable Spy Thriller.

In latest release by the author Paul Walker, The Queen’s Devil,
we find William Constable trying to live a mundane life as much as possible. Recently married to his lovely wife Helen, His doctors practice has kept him respectable busy. Aided sometimes by his innovated wife that he asked to accompany him when is visiting patients.  His quite life takes a turn when he is asked to examine John Summerville, and care for his injuries, and gain any incriminating evidence. Summerville was recently arrested for seeking to plot and harm Queen Elizabeth.
Constable finds himself for the very first time entering the Tower Of London. 

Once again Dr Constable is at the mercy of the notorious Spymaster himself, Sir Francis Walsingham. When he sent for the second time to treat another man arrested around the same time of Summerville. There connection is traced all the to the French Embassy. The man in question is Sir, Francis Throckmortorn. As the storyline unfolds the more complex the plot seems to be. Constable under covers more to this conspiracy and his freedom becomes threatened and his newly pregnant wife in dire circumstances.

“I am a physician whose interest lie in the mathematics of the stars, not muddled earthbound intrigue”

A propulsive storyline, offering both drama and vibrant authenticity, that will appeal to anyone who loves historical events and phenomenal writing. This installment also features the John Foxe the notable English historian and martyrologist, renowned author of Actes and Monuments. Who I really enjoyed reading about the the first book in series, State of Treason. The real notable character in this book is the Giordano Bruno, an Italian Dominican Friar, mathematician, cosmetic theorists, and who some say was a Hermetic occultist.

An absorbing, and a highly compulsive read, that completely drew me into its thrilling storyline. Just the right amount of tension, and mystery to keep you on the edge of your seat. The authors seamless narration carries you through as the twists unravel in this stunning historical fiction. Paul Walker is a master at dialogue and storytelling. The dialogue Is eloquent and immersive and realistic to the time period. The rich atmospheric imagery is vibrant as the historical plot of The 1583 Throckmorton Plot comes to life within the pages of this riveting tale. 

Paul Walker continues to secure his place amongst the best historical fiction I have read.

A little Historical Info 

Cited from the Wikipedia :
The 1583 Throckmorton Plot was one of a series of attempts by English Roman Catholics to depose Elizabeth I of England and replace her with Mary, Queen of Scots, then held under house arrest in England.[1]

The plot is named after the key conspirator, Sir Francis Throckmorton, cousin of Bess Throckmorton, lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth. Francis was arrested in November 1583 and executed in July 1584.

The plot aimed to free Mary, Queen of Scots, under house arrest in England since 1568, make her queen in place of Elizabeth and legally restore Roman Catholicism. That would be achieved by a Spanish-backed invasion of England, led by the French Duke of Guise, supported by a simultaneous revolt of English Roman Catholics. Guise would marry Mary and become king.


Giroud a Bruno

He is known for his cosmological theories, which conceptually extended the then-novel Copernican model. He proposed that the stars were distant suns surrounded by their own planets, and he raised the possibility that these planets might foster life of their own, a philosophical position known as cosmic pluralism. He also insisted that the universe is infinite and could have no “centre”.

Giordano Bruno introduced in his works the idea of multiple worlds instantiating the infinite possibilities of a pristine, indivisible One. Bruno (from the mouth of his character Philotheo) in his De l’infinito universo et mondi (1584) claims that “innumerable celestial bodies, stars, globes, suns and earths may be sensibly perceived therein by us and an infinite number of them may be inferred by our own reason.

Teaching this was among the charges the Inquisition made against him.

Paul Walker


Paul is married and lives in a village 30 miles north of London. Having worked in universities and run his own business, he is now a full-time writer of fiction and part-time director of an education trust. His writing in a garden shed is regularly disrupted by children and a growing number of grandchildren and dogs.


Paul writes historical fiction. He inherited his love of British history and historical fiction from his mother, who was an avid member of Richard III Society. The William Constable series of historical thrillers is based around real characters and events in the late sixteenth century. The first two books in the series – State of Treason and A Necessary Killing – were published in 2019. The third book, titled The Queen’s Devil, was published in the summer of 2020.


Connect with Paul:

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