Emily Knight Book #3 I Am… Becoming

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Emily Knight Book #3 I Am… Becoming, By A Bello Represented by The Bent Agency.

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Series: Emily Knight #3

Title: I Am… Becoming

Author: A Bello

Publisher: Hashtag Press

Published: September 17th, 2020

Pages: 384


 “The Knights are finally reunited and ready to defeat Neci once and for all. But Neci is one step ahead and is targeting them one by one. When one of Emily’s best friends is kidnapped, Emily leads the elite team on a rescue mission but nothing can prepare them for what Neci has planned.

The eagerly anticipated third book follows the incredible success of Emily Knight I am… Awakened, which received a prestigious Carnegie nomination and enjoyed first place in the London’s BIG Read 2019.“

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This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

The eagerly anticipated third book follows the incredible success of Emily Knight I am…

Have you read this stunning action packed fantasy series of books about a young girl called Emily Knight? Neci may have other plans.

The Knights have finally been reunited in the third book and ready to defeat Neci once and for all.

The third installment in what is projected to be a series quartet, by the very talented author Abiola Bello.

Abiola Bello has created an engaging and courageous heroine and her highly accomplished writing ensures that the reader is swept along in young adult fantasy.

Emily Knight is a typical thirteen year old, except she along with her family posses magical ability. She has lost her mother to illness, and been left in the care of her godparents.

Lashing out in rebellious and defiant way, she longs to find her place in the world. Seeking attention even though it comes across as negative.

Emily struggles under the weight of pressure to follow in her bother and fathers footsteps She is the daughter of the most famous warrior, Thomas Knight, who had defeated the renegade warrior called Neci in a past battle. 

In series of events Emily is sent to Osaki Training School. There she will meet development friendships along with having to deal some bullies. When her friend is kidnapped she will lead a special team on a rescue mission.

There is magic and adventures quest in this absorbing, and a highly compulsive read here that was quite a page turner. The supporting characters are definitely worth noting with interesting. There is a light heart romantic attraction that is done wonderfully, and is spot on given Emily’s age. She has anxieties and is well depicted as a young adolescent.

Emily is strong relatable heroine that is a person of color you will come to love and follow her along in this spectacular adventurous book series.

I highly recommend this book and the complete book series, and I am looking forward to reading the next book

The first two books in the Emily Knight series:

Emily Knight, I Am …

How does it feel to be different and misunderstood? And who cares? Emily Knight is young and famous, self-aware and intelligent. But what if the one thing that makes Emily different also makes her a target for evil? Can she defend herself…and everything she loves?

Emily Knight, I Am Awakened …

Dark times are upon us. Neci is back and she is more dangerous than ever. The warriors are forced to pick a side and to stand up for what theybelieve in. The race is on to find the missing warrior first. It’s the onlyway to prevent a war from happening and to stop Neci fromdestroying everything. Emily Knight has to get sharper, stronger and fasterbecause Neci has made her a target and someone is going to great lengths to hurt her. Can Emily win the race? Or will Neci take her down once and for all?

Abiola Bello is an author from North London. She wrote her first novel at aged 8, where she fought monsters and dragons daily. At aged 12, she invented Emily Knight as she felt there wasn’t any strong, diverse, ethnic characters in Children’s/ YA books.

She is the author of two middle grade fantasy books – Emily Knight I am & Emily Knight I am…Awakened. Her book Emily Knight I am…Becoming is out September 17th 2020.

Abiola is signed to The Literally Agency.

Abiola won the London Book Fair Trailblazer 2018 Award and her second book Emily Knight I am…Awakened was nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Award 2019, winner of London’s Big Read 2019 and shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize 2019 for Best Children’s Book.

Abiola is passionate about introducing new voice especially under-represented authors to the publishing world. Abiola is the co-boss girl of Hashtag Press, Hashtag BLAK, The Author School, Ink! And the founder of The Lil’ Author Skool which is for young writers.

Emily Knight I am…and Emily Knight I am… Awakened is out now in paperback and ebook.

Fun Fact! A. Bello is a professional street dancer. She has performed for 10 years in prestigious venues such as The Royal Opera House, The Barbican, Sadler’s Wells, Hammersmith Apollo and she has appeared on Got to Dance, The Apprentice and filmed for Street Dance Allstars T

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