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The Sign of the Blood

By Laurence O’Bryan 

(A Dangerous Emperor, Book #1)

Publication date: 22nd November 2018

Publisher: Ardua

Print Length: 469 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction

The first Christian emperor faces ruthless enemies on his journey to power.

Cool mist settles over the legion advancing toward the Persian army. Constantine, the son of an emperor, the Roman officer leading the attack, tells his men to halt – something is wrong.

Before long, the battle rages. He frees a slave named Juliana. She is half Persian and half Roman. As they are pursued to Britannia over land and sea, he learns that she can see the future – his future.


It is 306A.D., long before Constantine the Great converted to Christianity and became the first Christian emperor.


To ensure he survives, he must eliminate his enemies. But who must die first? The priestess, Sybellina, who joined them in Rome and practices dark and seductive magic? Or the brutal legion commanders who surround his father? Or, as Juliana suspects, are those who want him dead even closer?


A gripping historical novel about Constantine’s bloody rise to power, the woman who helped him, and the real reason he supported a persecuted Christian minority, a decision which changed the world into the one we know. 


Praise for The Sign of the Blood


“Exciting and original.” – SJA Turney, author of Praetorian.


It is an enthralling story from start to finish” The Coffee Pot Book Club



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This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

The Sign of The Blood by Laurence O’Bryan, is a riveting fictionalization tale of the iconic Constantine the Great’s rise to power. The author catapults you into the cruel, and harsh world of 297 A.D. to 306 A.D. This is an era where Christianity moved forward from a persecuted radical religion, to that in becoming the most powerful influencer religion in the Roman Empire.

With uniquely-descriptive prose, O’Bryan, deftly weaves threads of historical characters and vibrant fictional, to create a colourful fabric affording the reader, unique insights to the stunning life of Constantine and a fierce in-slaved girlthat comes from beyond Hadrian’s Wall.

A fabulous representation to storyline, the author delivers a compelling, intriguing novel. I was completely engaged with its absolutely fantastic characters that totally captivated and fascinated me. The strength of this novel handsdown is the author’s fabulous characterizations and precision details. Rich battle scenes of war and blood to lustful carnage. Easy to follow narration that held my attention from the very first page until the last. I absolutely loved the characters and how realistic they were given the time period.

This is a treasure of book to buy and keep in your library. My first read, from this highly talented author, I am excited to read more work from the author Laurence O’Bryan


Laurence O’Bryan


I spent twenty years studying Roman history and reading every book about Constantine the Great I could find. I also visited numerous sites where my Roman series is set, including in London, where I lived for ten years, Jerusalem, Rome, Trier, York, Nicomedia and Istanbul.

The first novel in the series, The Sign of The Blood, is about the rise to power of Constantine the Great, the women who helped him, and the others who wanted him dead.

The Road to The Bridge, the second novel in the series, is about the lead up to the battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312 A.D. and how Constantine the Great lured Maxentius, his rival emperor, out of Rome.

The third novel in the series, The Cursed City, is about the dedication of New Rone, later to be called Constantinople, and how Constantine fell out with his wife, Fausta, and his son Crispus, and what he had to do to survive.

To join the mailing list and receive news of these books use this link: http://bit.ly/TSOTBseries

There are five novels in the puzzle series, The Istanbul Puzzle, The Jerusalem Puzzle, The Manhattan Puzzle, The Nuremberg Puzzle and The Cairo Puzzle.

There is a story link from The Istanbul Puzzle to The Cursed City.

My books have:
* Achieved #1 ranking on Amazon,
* Been translated into 10 languages.

My roots go back to a small estate deep in the Mountains of Mourne near the Silent Valley, in County Down, Northern Ireland.

I went to school in Dublin, drank way too much, studied English and history, then business, then IT at Oxford University.

My research has taken me all over the world, from San Francisco to deep in the Muslim world. There are secrets everywhere. I enjoy writing about them. I hope you enjoy reading about them.


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