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by Erin Riha

Publisher: REUTS Publications.
Release Date: June 3rd 2020Genre:
Young Adult, Dystopian, Fantasy

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Arden Thatcher wasn’t meant to be chosen.
But when her name is announced, she’s presented with something she never thought she’d have: a future away from her abuser. Shuttled off to attend the prestigious National Women’s Institute, Arden will receive Nordania’s highest honor, studying with other elite candidates to become leaders, diplomats, and ambassadors on the world stage.

Only, the institute’s not quite what she expected. Paraded around in gown after gown, the tests seem less about educating and more about a different competition, with a very specific prize at stake—the Nordanian Prime Minister’s son. Despite the dean’s protestations that angling for an engagement leads to expulsion, Arden sees the truth.

There’s a secret bubbling beneath the institute’s refined surface, and those who refuse to play along may well wind up dead.

With the danger escalating, and the return of her abuser on the horizon, Arden’s shiny future becomes a gilded cage. And this time, she’s going to need powerful allies to escape.
Political intrigue, swoon-worthy romance, and a dash of dystopian flare, But for

the Mountains begs the question, how do you change the world when you’re not allowed to try?

A fantastical dystopian world of beauty, and power.

A bleak and never ending nightmarish existence, Arden Thatcher is subjective to repetitive abuse by her benefactor’s son, CJ. Her grim outlook on life is a desolate hellish existence.

When an unforeseen opportunity rises and her name is announced, due to her abuser nominating her for the National Institute For Women Academy. Where girls after graduation become leaders, diplomats, and ambassadors on the world stage.

All is not what it seems in riveting fast paced, edge of your seat book. Along with secrets and backstabbing girls who are vying for attention, beneath the surface of institute’s refinement, there is an ominous doom to those who refuse to play along and will find themselves dead.

This book is not for the weak at heart.

Several. Trigger Warnings

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Erin Riha writes young adult fantasy novels about ambitious girls who don’t know they’re not supposed to exceed expectations. She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science, a Law Degree, and a deep reverence for the power of using exactly the right word in exactly the right moment. She lives in wonderfully weird Portland, Oregon, with her super dreamy husband, where they’re raising a future train engineer and a future chicken whisperer. When not writing, she’s a music director for a teen theater company, traveling the world, or dreaming of traveling the world.Her debut novel, BUT FOR THE MOUNTAINS, was published by REUTS Publications June 2, 2020.

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