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The Tobacconist’s Wife
by AnneMarie Brear

Publication Date: November 12, 2020
Lume Books
Paperback & eBook; 244 pages

Genre: Historical Romance/Victorian

From the bestselling author of The Slum Angel.

Having lost her father, Thea Goodson is alone in the world

It is true she has a husband, but Ernie is a brutal man, more inclined to use his fists to keep Thea in line than to build on their marriage. And besides, Ernie Goodson has secrets – secrets that even his wife cannot share.

But in Victorian Yorkshire, appearances must be kept up, so Thea goes on powdering her bruises and forcing a smile as she toils in Ernie’s home and tobacco shop. There seems to be no other option.

That is, until a handsome and well-bred stranger arrives to set up shop next door

Can Thea escape her misery and break from the conventions of society? Or will the clutches of her abusive husband confine her forever?

The Tobacconist

s Wife is the latest book from AnneMarie Brear, the highly acclaimed author of bestselling The Slum Angel. Perfect for fans of Catherine Cookson, Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin.

Available on Amazon

This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

An Emotional Tale set in Victorian England.

When twenty year old Thea Goodson cobbler father, Tobias Mullins, suffered a stroke and eventually passed leaving her without many options.

Ernie Goodson and acquaintance of her father from the leopard, became attentive to Thea’s father during the time he was bedridden, polite and always kindhearted and gracious. With a success business he seemed to be genuine, so she excepted his marriage proposal. Little did she know she would come to regret that hasty decision.

Four weeks after the death of her beloved father she moved into the rooms above Ernie’s tobacconist’s shop on coney street York, Yorkshire England. Thea’s wedding night set the precedents of what would soon become a hellacious marriage.

Suffering quietly under her husband’s brutality of fists and bruises, her husband harbored secrets that included more than his violent temper.

Adam Fitzwilliam, a son of a wealthy business member of the upper crust of society, recently from his ancestral estate home Granville Hall.

Even though he is the great-grandson of Sir Walter Fitzwilliam, Adam has been passionate about creating fine pieces of crafted furniture. To his mother this has been a great has been a great disappointment. His dreams are an embarrassment to his family by lowering himself to become a member of the trading class.

His father thinks he should be with him and his older brothers, in London.

Adam has a mind of his own wanting to make a name for himself by making and selling furniture. He seeks out a larger town to fulfill his needs as own shop owner.

Finding himself in York, he uses his inheritance from his grandmother to finance his endeavor and moves into a shop next door to Thea’s husband’s tobacconist’s shop.

When things become heated and Thea’s husband’s greed causes a series of climatic events. Thea life changes, and she will seek kindness and offered friendship in dealing with her misfortune and struggles. Will she escape misery and the clutches of an abusive husband, a find happiness in the arms of the sincere and gallant Adam Fitzwilliam.

This was a riveting historical fiction with superb pacing allowing the reader to be drawn in completely. There is something about AnneMarie Brear’s writing that I absolutely adore. A must read for those looking for dramatic characters and detailed historical imagery.. Wow!! What a stunningly satisfying book, I cannot quite say just how impossibly good this is, from the first page I was completely absorbed , I flew through the pages at lighting speed. It is an addictive, dramatic and hugely gripping story that flawlessly. I was absorbed as the plot unfolded and I was on edge to see how Thea’s gut wrenching situation would be sorted out.

Content Warning: detailed domestic abuse.

The Tobacconist’s Wife – Released Nov 12th!

Have a wonderful day

About the Author

Amazon UK bestseller and award-winning Australian author, AnneMarie Brear has been a life-long reader and started writing in 1997 when her children were small. She has a love of history, of grand old English houses and a fascination of what might have happened beyond their walls. Her interests include reading, historical research for her novels, watching movies, spending time with family and eating chocolate – not always in that order!

For more information please visit AnneMarie Brear’s website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Goodreads.

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The Tobacconist’s Wife

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