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By Immortal Honor Bound
by Danielle Ancona

Publication Date: November 4, 2020
Kyanite Publishing LLC
Paperback, 400 pages

Series: Of Alchemy and Angels, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fantasy



Intrepid warrior angel Malachi faces the fiercest of adversaries of warfare through the centuries, fighting alongside the boldest of gods to defend humankind from the Seraph Rebellion.

Sent to York in the 1620’s, Malachi unexpectedly falls in love with keen and ardent alchemist Daphne Heatherton.

For Malachi, Daphne’s returned devotion is a tenuous gift of fate.

Dark machinations set into play by the fallen archangel, Gideon-leader of the Rebellion-bring Malachi to the brink of defeat and put him to the ultimate test.

Will he choose a mortal love, or will he remain By Immortal Honor Bound?

Alchemy, history, passion, myth, science, legend converge in a timeless battle-will love or honor prove to be the most powerful element of all?

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This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

This is a non spoiler review, because you as reader need to read this book. Also, I feel sometimes I have in the past gave away to much of the plot line. This has diminished the pleasure for would be readers.

A battle is under way between those that follow the archangel Gideon, the leader of Sseraph, who avenges the innocent people of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Celestials who seek keep earth and mortals safe.

The storyline grabs your attention as we follow Malachi, who finds himself relived of his duties and becomes earthbound by the five Celestials. His frequent travels between the celestia and his nonconformist beliefs, makes him more of a target for capture by the Sseraph.

Earthbound, he becomes an Immortal Guardian of the Temple of Thoth

The Thoth is in the process of developing its academic advances of writing and mathematic. When the time is right Malachi, transitions his guardianship of the Thoth temple to that of Katherine the Adamantine. He is needed to ensure the great tutor Aristotle is safe, his philosophy is is counterproductive to the Seraph rebellion.

In 1620 Daphne is given a rare opportunity to study under Master Dante Santorum, the acclaimed alchemist. With her unique gift with the elements she envied by those who are jealous of her apprenticeship to the Master. In a chance meeting Malachi reveals himself to Daphne. Sparks fly and soon Malachi is drawn to Daphne.

Malachi remains in the shadows alway watching and guarding.

An adventurous tale that blends, mythology, alchemy and history, into a clever fantasy. The author’s descriptive narration flows as book expand across lengthy time periods. The characters are well executed and the storyline is highly original. There is a developing romance and the good verses evil is a consistent theme through out the book.

If you enjoy mythology this is great book and you find it a fast paced read.

Pittsburgh has provided an interesting, vibrant and eclectic place to grow up and eventually become a writer of stories. Stories through which History, Science, Alchemy, Romance, High Stakes, and Mythology are woven.

My writing is also touched by ghostly echoes which greet me as I hike or bike through what were once bustling sites from the age of industry of the region, now reclaimed by nature. These are the ethereal remnants of those who shed their blood, sweat and tears onto what is now sacred ground.

Come dive into the stories shaped by these unique forges. The twists in the path are unexpected, fraught with danger, but always worth the journey.

Where passion and love take root unexpectedly, bloom, and somehow manage to survive against all odds, one surprising way or another.

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The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on March 5th. You must be 18 or older to enter.

By Immortal Honor Bound

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