Hello Lovely Reader

Today I have a book review of The Gentleman’s Daughter

by Bianca M Schwarz

The Gentleman’s Daughter

(The Gentleman Spy Mysteries #2)

by Bianca M. Schwarz

The Gentleman’s Daughter is the second in a darkly entertaining historical romance mystery series set in Regency London…

Sir Henry, secret agent to the crown, must marry a lady above reproach to afford his illegitimate daughter entrance into society. After narrowly escaping marriage to a highborn bigot, he takes an assignment in Brighton, leading him to an abandoned abbey full of dark whispers, and a sinister secret society, the very one Henry has been investigating for three years.

Isabella is as beautiful as she is talented, but falling in love isn’t part of her plans. She only wants to paint, forget her painful past, and keep her overbearing mother at bay. But gaining one’s independence isn’t easy for a woman in 1823, so Isabella embarks on a fake courtship with Sir Henry. Soon, love and a painting career no longer seem so utterly incompatible.

But when the man Isabella fears most kidnaps her, all appears lost. Realizing the kidnapper is part of the same organization he is investigating, Henry chases after them. Entrapped in a web of secrets, both Henry and Isabella must face old enemies, and fight for their happily ever after.

The Gentleman’s Daughter is the second in a series by Bianca M Schwarz entitled The Gentleman Spies Mysteries.

Bianca M Schwarz has once again catapult the reader into the Regency period of England. Sir Henry March has sadly parted ways with his beloved mistress Eliza.

An assignment as a secret agent to the crown lead him to Brighton. This offers a perfect diversion from barely making his escape from a marriage that would have ended disastrous to say the least.

Arriving in Brighton he comes across the path of the beguiling Isabella. She is a talented artist and enjoys escaping the heavy weight that lays on her shoulders. Like most women during 1823’s she struggles for independence.

Meanwhile Henry most marry for the sake of his young daughter, who is approaching her coming out. This along with an ominous, abandoned abbey that holds a dangerous, sinister society. The very same treacherous organization that he has been investigating for quite sometime. The villainess Knights of the Snake Pit are eager to extract revenge on Sir Henry March. Along with Isabellas most haunted fears that might well become a reality.

This was lovely suspenseful book with a wonderful regency romance that it engaged me and had me flipping through the pages.

Thanks again to the author and publisher for the chance to read this seamless historical mystery romance

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Have a wonderful day!

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