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Kingfisher By D. K. Marley {The Kingfisher Series, Book One}


Kingfisher By D. K. Marley
The Kingfisher Series, Book One

Publication Date: June 28, 2021

Publisher: The White Rabbit Publishing (HFC Press)

Page Length: 530 Pages

Genre: Historical Time Travel

The past, future, and Excalibur lie in her hands.

Wales, 1914. Vala Penrys and her four sisters find solace in their spinster life by story-telling, escaping the chaos of war by dreaming of the romantic days of Camelot. When the war hits close to home, Vala finds love with Taliesin Wren, a mysterious young Welsh Lieutenant, who shows her another world within the tangled roots of a Rowan tree, known to the Druids as ‘the portal’.

One night she falls through, and suddenly she is Vivyane, Lady of the Lake – the Kingfisher – in a divided Britain clamoring for a High King. What begins as an innocent pastime becomes the ultimate quest for peace in two worlds full of secrets, and Vala finds herself torn between the love of her life and the salvation of not only her family but of Britain, itself.

“It is, at the heart of it, a love story – the love between a man and a woman, between a woman and her country, and between the characters and their fates – but its appeal goes far beyond romance. It is a tale of fate, of power, and, ultimately, of sacrifice for a greater good.” – Riana Everly, author of Teaching Eliza and Death of a Clergyman

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Kingfisher By D. K. Marley {The Kingfisher Series, Book One}

This tale begins with an assignation. Vola and her identical twin sister Isla

twenty-eighth birthday celebration was the same day that the Archduke Ferdinand, and his wife Sophia were assassinated. That fated day June 28th, 1914, set about a series of events that led to The Great War.

Vola enjoys escaping into books and fanciful play acting. She has a vivid imagination, along with vibrant recurring dreams since childhood. These dreams seems more like memories and she feels that there are more to her mother’s childhood lavish tales of King Arthur.

Abergavenny Wales, Vala Penrys and her four sister try to adjust to the changing time. As the world as they know it is turned inside out. As countries take sides, their father Ian leaves to fulfill his duty to the Crown. Vala being oldest, is left in charge of the running of the household and the care of her ailing, slightly unhinged mother, Isobe. The oldest of the Penrys girls boarder on spinsterhood, after a few seasons in London without acquiring suitable husbands. Isla and Vola along with the rest of the Penrys, and servants make up a close knit family that depend on each other for comfort and friendship as War rages on. Their mother’s condition worsens, along with Isobe’s cryptic secrets at Tyalwyn. What could they mean?

After Vala meets a captivating young Welsh Lieutenant, Taliesin Wren. She seems drawn to. The oldest girls decide to do what they can to help the war effort by making their home available to those soldiers in need. New acquaintances help to piece together family secrets, that have been buried. As reality and myth become blended.

D. K. Marley has written a stunning historical fiction, mixed with magical realism. Set to the backdrop of the beginning of the First World War, and Avalon. The author blends mystery, family dynamics and time travel.

I enjoyed the overall premise of the book. The quick pace kept me engaged from the very beginning and all the way through. There is slight tension that slowly builds as you the flip through the pages and storyline unfolds. The characters are well developed and completely fleshed out. Richly detailed, the writers voice is fluid and captivating, making for an excellent reading experience.

Historical fiction with magical realism is one of my all time favorite genre. D. K. Marley exceptional writing is spellbinding I found myself completely immersed within these pages.

Excited for the next installment in this highly addictive book series!


I gripped her hand and return. “Now is the perfect time. How else can we braved the day ahead of us then to fall down rabbit holes?”

“I see the conflict in your eyes Vala, but do not worry. We are of this time, but another, as well. I am a gentleman. All things will take place in time.”

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


D.K. Marley

D. K. Marley is a Historical Fiction author specializing in Shakespearean adaptations, Tudor era historicals, Colonial American historicals, alternate historicals, and historical time-travel. At a very early age she knew she wanted to be a writer. Inspired by her grandmother, an English Literature teacher, she dove into writing during her teenage years, winning short story awards for two years in local competitions. After setting aside her writing to raise a family and run her graphic design business, White Rabbit Arts, returning to writing became therapy to her after suffering immense tragedy, and she published her first novel “Blood and Ink” in 2018, which went on to win the Bronze Medal for Best Historical Fiction from The Coffee Pot Book Club, and the Silver Medal from the Golden Squirrel Book Awards. Within three years, she has published four more novels (two Shakespearean adaptations, one Colonial American historical, and a historical time travel).

When she is not writing, she is the founder and administrator of The Historical Fiction Club on Facebook, and the CEO of The Historical Fiction Company, a website dedicated to supporting the best in historical fiction for authors and readers. And for fun, she is an avid reader of the genre, loves to draw, is a conceptual photography hobbyist, and is passionate about spending time with her granddaughter. She lives in Middle Georgia U.S.A. with her husband of 35 years, an English Lab named Max, and an adorable Westie named Daisy.

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