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The Queen’s Spy By Clare Marchant

The Queen’s Spy

by Clare Marchant

Publication Date: 8th July 2021

Publisher: Avon

Page Length: 400 Pages

Genre: Historical Dual Timeline

1584: Elizabeth I rules England. But a dangerous plot is brewing in court, and Mary Queen of Scots will stop at nothing to take her cousin’s throne.

There’s only one thing standing in her way: Tom, the queen’s trusted apothecary, who makes the perfect silent spy…

2021: Travelling the globe in her campervan, Mathilde has never belonged anywhere. So when she receives news of an inheritance, she is shocked to discover she has a family in England.

Just like Mathilde, the medieval hall she inherits conceals secrets, and she quickly makes a haunting discovery. Can she unravel the truth about what happened there all those years ago? And will she finally find a place to call home?

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The Queen’s Spy by Clare Marchant

The Queen’s Spy’ by Clare Marchant is a enticing book set in dual time periods, taking place in the late 1500s, as well as the present.

The modern storyline follows Mathilde a photojournalist, who has had an unstable childhood. Her nomadic life has left her wanting acceptance and also she yarns for a family home. Her upbringing has made her an introvert, she is reserved, and she struggles with social situations.

When she is at last located by her late fathers solicitor, with some life altering news.

Upon learns certain developments, Mathilde travels to England.

The new of an unexpected inheritance, along with certain revelations come to light, giving her a family and a home. The ancestral family home Lutton Hall is left to her along with some remarkable finds and maybe a ghost.

In 1584 one Tom Lutton returns to England after living most of his life with his adoptive mother in France. Tom has a disability that he can neither hear nor speak. He has worked closely with his adoptive mother learning everything he could about apothecary. Upon arrival to his homeland a series of events places him as the assistant to the Queen’s apothecary Hugh Morgan. Living in a world of silence Tom has perfected an unusual gift of reading lips. This talent catches the eye of the Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster, Francis Walsingham.

Walsingham uses Tom’s incredible talent to staunch any intrigue that would lead to any attempt to remove her Majesty from her rite full place. Tom comes to feel wanted and respected, along with a family of his own. As things take on a dangerous turn, he will lose those he has come to love and cherish.

This time period is placed during the Babington Plot, which eventually leaves to the execution of the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots.

Clare Marchant writing connects both of her characters from the past to the present. Giving the reader not one, but two solid storylines. Weaving them in such a way that will have you believing in them which allowed me to be totally invested in their lives. I enjoyed reading both the contemporary as well as the historical fiction. I did find that their was elements of suspense that kept glued to the pages as I was anxious to see how everything turned out. Making for a wonderful reading experience!

Clare Marchant

Growing up in Surrey, Clare always dreamed of being a writer. Instead, she followed a career in IT, before moving to Norfolk for a quieter life and re-training as a jeweller.

Now writing full time, she lives with her husband and the youngest two of her six children. Weekends are spent exploring local castles and monastic ruins, or visiting the nearby coast.

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