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I am thrilled to share the highly anticipated follow-up to The Binding Tempest, Shadow Bound Souls by Steven Rudy! Read on for more details and a chance to win a signed hardcover edition of The Binding Tempest!

Shadow Bound Souls

(The Luminance Saga #2)

Publication Date: February 1st, 2022

Genre: Epic Sci-Fi/ Fantasy/ Steampunk

Publisher: MysticHawk Press

Shadow Bound Souls, blends Science Fiction and classic high fantasy in a steampunk world.

The Sagean Lord has emerged.

While the Wrythen’s influence grows stronger, the Sagean and his power-hungry acolytes, the Court of Dragons, are intent on delivering the gem of souls to the Temple of Ama; where the Sintering Fountain can transform the acolytes into Luminaries.

Meanwhile, the band of heroes find themselves separated in a world starting to tear itself apart. Having suffered a huge loss, Ellaria and Elias must escape the Mainland with the Sagean’s agents pursuing them. When Elias becomes sick, Ellaria decides to hide amongst the Showman’s Traveling Show of Wonders. But their journey is shadowed by darkness and when troupe members turn up murdered, Ellaria struggles to find the killer amongst her company.

Far away in the Warhawk Mountains, the three young rogues are stranded with the Tempest Stone. Aimless about what to do, their paths take a turn when they discover the horrifying magnitude of the Sagean’s return to power, the Scree.

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This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

This is a non spoiler review, because you as reader need to read this book. Also, I feel sometimes I have in the past gave away to much of the plot line. This has diminished the pleasure for would be readers.

A Fascinating, Inventive Speculative Fiction.

Shadow Bound Souls by Steven Rudy, is the second installment in The Luminance Saga.

Step into the rich and creative world that Steven Rudy has created.

The book takes following the event of the previous book.

Once again I found myself within the pages Of a rewarding innovative mix up of genres, that surprisingly fit together very well. A stellar age diverse cast, along with likable unique older older MC’s. The author intricately plots a character driven fantasy giving the reader a propulsive storyline. I highly recommend reading the first book in the series that sets everything up for this delightful follow up. Rudy’s development of characters is well worth noting here, with the situations they find themselves in. The band has been separated, each small group having their own trials and tribulations.

More political intrigue is explained as we see Sagean’s return to power intensify. If you enjoy Steampunk Science-fantasy than you will not have a hard time becoming fully invested in this adventures tale.

This is one one author to look out for!

Happy Reading

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Steven Rudy received a degree in Environmental Design and Architecture from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He currently lives in Colorado with his wife and three kids and works as an architectural designer on historic preservation projects and residential projects.

Shadow Bound Souls is his second novel.

Steven Rudy Books | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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