The Soulstealers

The Soulstealers.

Jacqueline Rohrbach

Excellent crafted world of Druids,Magic, lore

An adventures dark tale with complex relationships and sexual diversity.

Soulstealers is great coming of age novel with strong ties to female friendships. I really enjoyed Rohbaach world building and enjoyable main character, Arnaka Skytree.

I am having a book hangover from it . I couldn’t but it down.

I hope the author continues this great storyline in an upcoming sequel !

Thanks so much

Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley

I Received a complementary copy of this book for an honest review.

All opinions are my own

Beast Of The Frozen Sun

Ya Fantasy Fiction ⚔️⚔️⚔️

Beast of the Frozen Sun

Jill Criswell

A new debut in ya high fantasy saga that transports you to a world of God and Goddess .

A captivating tale with a strong heroine , rich and vivid world of magic and adventure. Slow burn romance and political Intrigues . Complex world building centered around old world Viking themes.

Fast paced . Imaginative writing from Jill Criswell . I can’t wait for another book in this magical saga.

Six Goodbyes We Never Said Candace Granger

Six Goodbyes We Never Said

Candace Granger

Namia -has OCD GAD and is suffering the loss of her father.

Dew -has PTSD and is suffering the loss of both of his parents.

This book takes a look at how differently we deal with grief and mental illnesses.

Dew Desperately trying to reach out to his neighbor Namia. While Namia struggles with letting down her guard. This well written contemporary story will touch your heart in so many ways.

I really enjoyed this book so much.

Interesting and believable characters.

A must read for 2019

I received this complimentary copy from NetGalley for an honest review

If You’re Out There ~ Katy Loutzenhiser

If You’re Out There

A great read from start to finish.

As the story unfolds and the mystery presents it’s self. You come to know the true value of friendship. Pure determination and gut feelings, help the main character as she unravels a mystery about her close friend.

A mystery and Strong Female friendship is what this story is about.

Add a little romance and great character building and you have the perfect read . One that should not be missed.

Katy Loutzenhiser is a new voice in Contemporary Ya Fiction.

The Waking Forest Alyssa Wees

Alyssa Wees’ writing is imaginative, vivid, and sinister. She weaves a story like no other. Two stories that are Interwoven . The Witch and Rhea . What a Read.

Bar the door, dive under cover for this dreamy melancholy tale.


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