Ever Alice
H. J. Ramsay
Red Rogue Press
Published August 1, 2019

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About Ever Alice


Advance Praise

This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

A maddening wild psychological continuation, of a beloved classic. Or a re-imagined sequel.

When the book opens the year is 1888, and fifteen Alice Liddell is in the Warneford Asylum in Oxford. Her inventive ramblings have caused her parents a lot of sorrow and heartache. Having exhausted all avenues by taking her to every doctor in Oxford. The last doctor to evaluate Alice, is Dr Longfellow, who comes to the absurd conclusion that she is unmistakable “Mad”…. Or isn’t she?

Perhaps her close to death drowning, and all her delusional talk, might or might not be real. A brilliantly executed book with delightful delightful darker narration is told in two POV’s, Alice’s and Rosamund, the Queen of Hearts.

A romp back down the rabbit hole with some of the same cast of characters but they have evolved a bit. The creative world building is in magical and inventive. The dialogue is rich and holds the readers attention, with perfectly engaging satire.

The Queen of Hearts is cleverly depicted, I loved her paranoid point of view. It really add depth to the storyline and gives this novel a twisted perspective.

The book hooked me from the start and never slowed down, with its steadily-paced, absorbing, plot line.

I was enthralled with foreshadowing ending, it wasn’t rushed. It was delivered with impeccable timing.

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