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I just finishedthe last lord standing by diana lloyd

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Always the rogue and never the gentleman, Kerrigan Northam doesn’t worry about anything beyond his own pleasures. But lately, his noble friends have been considering marriage—specifically, the charms (and generous fortune) of the refreshingly pert Lady Olivia Liberty Chalford. Now they want Kerr to keep her from considering any other eligible suitors…by courting her himself!

Libby is averse to the very idea of marriage. Why be auctioned off when she has a far more enticing—if scandalously modern—plan for her future? So when she’s rescued by a wickedly dashing gentleman who claims to be something of a scoundrel, Libby thinks she’s found the perfect partner in crime…

It’s the perfect ruse. Libby gets a secret accomplice and Kerr’s in the uniquely coveted position of being able to kiss the comely, spirited Libby as thoroughly—and as often—as possible. But as their courting charade continues, Kerr’s gone from wondering how long until she discovers his secret…to how long until he’s madly in love with her.


Diana Lloyd third installment I here delightful book series, What Happens In The Ballroom was such a charming and fun read.

We follow the youngest child of the Earl and Countess of Winchcombe, twenty-two year old, Lady Olivia Chalford. Some have nicknamed her Lady Liberty, or just Libby. Still unmarried with several unsuccessful seasons prior, she has plans for her future. Olivia wants to do more than most young ladies from notable families. She would love nothing more than invest her time and hard work in creating a charity for the poor. Convinced that having to experience what it’s like to have really work for a living she has decided to work as a shop girl in a theater district. To gain first hand knowledge of what it’s like for those not as fortunate as those that sweep the elaborate ballrooms of the ton.

Kerrigan “Kerr” Northam is the second son of a second son, currently runs a charity for widows of sailors. His situation has allowed him to extra time to think about what he wants to do with his life.

A chance meeting at ball that includes some spilled punch and a spare- -of -the-moment kiss. Libby and Kerr’s story takes off.

Diana Lloyd seamless writing provided a top notch historical romance, and had characters you are going to fall in love with.

This was such a charming historical romance that you won’t be able to put down.

Meet the Author:

Diana Lloyd, mother of gingers, lives in the state shaped like a mitten where she enjoys the shark free waters of the great lakes. An avid reader, Diana found her happy place in historical romance novels and decided to write one. That first one turned out so well she stuck with it and wrote a few more.
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